KARAVAN was born in the early 70’s from the desire of a visionary optician to express the energy of that formidable era in a new, resolutely avant-garde eyewear brand.

The KARAVAN brand, renamed in 1993, is the heir to the LEMPEREUR collection created in 1973 by Jean LEMPEREUR. From its origins as one of the very first French eyewear designers, KARAVAN has retained the essential: FREEDOM!

KARAVAN is the freedom of a non-conformist era, the freedom to appeal to everyone and to be at the sole service of expressing the unique character of each individual.
KARAVAN is a unique character, the opposite of the codes inherited from a standardised luxury that distorts designer eyewear and leads to conformism.

KARAVAN is anti-uniformity, the vitality of a free brand with an exceptional artistic heritage, at the service of the boldness of its time.


KARAVAN is also the freedom of a French company that is still independent in its management and spirit, and believes that only creative freedom can guarantee freedom of expression.

KARAVAN is an attentive, free brand, as it was at its origin in 1973, committed to its customers and proclaiming «THE BEAUTIFUL FOR ALL» by adapting its collection in a militant spirit.
BEAUTIFUL FOR EVERYONE means coming up with new creative concepts that are produced more efficiently and competitively, to make KARAVAN products ever more accessible to everyone.


KARAVAN moves forward by renewing the design of its collections, through the boldness of its colours and without ever sacrificing the creative strengths that are in its DNA.

KARAVAN frames are created by researching and drawing inspiration from the latest trends in haute couture, art, architecture and design to create frames with a special, pioneering and unique character: real works of art



Beyond its objective values of manufacturing quality, durability and creative originality, the KARAVAN brand conveys a strong sense of aspiration: the ideal of freedom.

The lines and shapes of the designs are clean and strong, and the collections are rhythmic, cheerful and full of life. With character, they are an invitation to escape, to travel, to discover.

KARAVAN’s new acronym, KA, is a reminder of the brand’s human and committed origins. The KA is the vital force that doubles our person in Egyptian mythology. Nothing better than the KA could express the free energy that has guided KARAVAN since 1973.
The KA is the manifesto of our individuality, the manifesto of our need for personal expression, which each of us will wear in our own way throughout the collection.

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